Machlett Microwave is the world leading expert for microwave technology in food processing for tempering and bacon cooking in addition to material drying, diamond manufacturing, rubber vulcanization, curing, petroleum/vegetable product heating and more.

Our upgrade designs can increase your through put rate by up to 25%


Magnetron Tubes

Designed for industrial processing applications, Machlett MCM75915 and MCM75896 magnetron tubes operate at 915 MHz or 896 MHz with the highest L-band power output of 75 kW. Outputs to 100 kW are available. They are fixed-tuned, magnetically focused, and feature air and liquid cooling.


We've taken Circulator technology to the next level and developed a unit that maintains the proper operating temperatures and eliminates power reflections that affect the performance and reliability of magnetron tubes.

High Voltage Transformers

All popular transformers are in stock and available for prompt delivery. It's our goal to help keep your microwave systems working at peak efficiency 24/7. Our stock includes: 12-pulse 111 kVA and 6-pulse 80 kVA. Available in other sizes, including 106 kVA 6 pulse designs that are a direct replacement for all AMTek Transmitters.

High Voltage Diodes​

Machlett diodes provide the protection necessary in high output microwave systems, and deliver exceptional performance at surprisingly low prices.

We provide expert Service, Parts and Consultation for a Variety of Industries that use Microwave Technology.





Parts, service and installations available worldwide for most any brand microwave oven system including: IMOS, AmTEK, Ferrite, Amana and Raytheon microwaves, as well as Tempersol, Selo-Bollans and Pacific Wood Tech products.


Machlett offers both direct replacement parts or upgraded components for Amana, Raytheon, AMTek or Ferrite tempering or cooking systems. Many of the older designs are upgraded to new PC boards for improved reliability. We offer a direct replacement for Spellman filament controllers used in Amana and Ferrite transmitters, as well as offering a flat-fee repair of Spellman power supplies, R/L and U/C boards that is relative to the quantity.


Our goal is to keep microwave systems running at peak efficiency at all time. We offer 24/7 tech support and our Advanced Replacement Warranty to immediately repalce critical components, such as magnetron tubes. 

Machlett Industrial Microwave Systems And Services

Machlett personnel know your equipment, be it AMTek, Ferrite, Amana, Raytheon or others, and can keep your microwave systems working at peak efficiency. 24/7 technical support is available to keep you online.

Microwave Feeds

The MACHWAVE™ Polarized Feed is a refined circularly polarized high power microwave feed. Its design provides improved uniformity of the electrical fields by improving the overall microwave electrical characteristics of previous designs.​

New Microwave Doors And Repairs

Machlett has you covered when it comes to microwave oven access doors, offering both brand new doors of a superior design and premium quality refurbishment of existing units. Our improved mounting and sealing prevents premature failures common to competitor's older designs.

Microwave Suppression Tunnels

Machlett has developed a highly efficient suppression tunnel that incorporates a removable lid to facilitate ease of maintenance and optimum sanitation. This exclusive design delivers advanced technology to enhance any bacon tempering system.