Microwave Energy for Diamond Manufacturing

Using microwave energy to produce industrial diamonds has become popular. Diamond manufactures utilize our magnetron tubes to produce high frequency coupling of microwave energy creating a very high plasma density with low sheath potential allowing for a efficient and safe process.

Machines like the BARS Press, originally developed by Russian engineers, uses anywhere from 6 to 8 spherical outer anvils that apply hydraulic pressure on a carbon seed and in the same fashion nature creates a diamond, this process results in a industrial diamond, in a fraction of the time. Approximately one cycle within the unit produces an equal measure of a diamond crystal.

Of the two methods generally used to make synthetic diamonds, High Pressure Temperature Process (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), the CVD process had become more popular.

Lab-grown diamonds using microwave plasma technology by Machlett provides for higher quality of crystal.

Our magnetron tubes for these industrial diamond systems offer greater consistency and longer life. Machlett Microwave’s engineering staff offers experience and expertise in microwave technology and applications. Additionally, our company is also the manufacturer of mag tubes used specifically for the microwave industry.

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