Drying System
Machlett Microwave drying systems provide precision methodology for the quick elimination of moisture from a variety of materials from plants, lumber, coal, sand, sludge and more.

Using Microwaves to Dry

Our engineers are experts in the field and can help you design the best system for your industry’s needs and provide the parts and tubes your current equipment uses.

Using microwave technology for drying shortens the drying process which increases productivity and improves profitability.

Unlike using conventional heating processes like conduction, convection, or infra-red radiation, drying with microwave energy utilizes the generation of heat by directly transforming the electromagnetic energy in kinetic molecular energy. Instead, more traditional drying methods where heat is applied to the surface of the material, taking time to permeate, and possibly causing damage if the temperature is too high or left for too long, microwaves penetrate deep within the material. Water/moisture evaporate from the molecule’s rapid movement, creating the heat from the friction.


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