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Customer Preferred Transformers

Machlett offers customer preferred front-mounting transformers that utilize stud-type hardware.

Direct Replacements For All Popular Microwave Systems
Amana | Raytheon | AMTek | Ferrite

There are many compelling reasons why you should rely on Penta/Machlett as your primary source for microwave system replacement components.

Detailed Product Specifications
Detailed product specifications are available to ensure getting the optimum design for your system. Penta’s Advanced Replacement Warranty.
All popular transformers are in stock and available for prompt delivery. It’s our goal to help keep your microwave systems working at peak efficiency 24/7. Our stock includes:
• 12-pulse 111 kVA
• 6-pulse 80 kVA

Available in other sizes, including 106 kVA 6 pulse designs that are a direct replacement for all AMTek Transmitters.

*Note that 6-pulse transformers are stocked in all sizes and both 12-pulse and 6-pulse units are available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz.