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Every commercial microwave food processing system, regardless of the brand you use, must have as it’s source of power, a magnetron tube. Unlike other manufacturers of tempering and cooking system equipment, only Machlett produces their own mag tubes. 

We Produce Our Own Mag Tubes
  1. Machlett believes quality is paramount in everything we do, so when we were not satisfied with how other makers of magnetron tubes were not meeting our standards we decided to create and improve on this most important part.

But There’s One Problem, Magnetron Tubes Are Not Easy To Make

This is an understatement as the process of building and/or rebuilding a mag tube is painstaking and requires innovation of design, hands on assembly and a keen eye for quality control.

Most industrial food processing equipment for tempering/defrosting or bacon cooking will use a 915 MHz tube at 75Kw or 100Kw.
● Output power: 20 -100 Kw at 80-90 % efficiency;902-928 MHz
● DC supplies for anode and filament voltage; no filter box; ferrite rings
● Electromagnet for B field; tube mount in waveguide with circulator
● Filament cutback curve, e.g., 80 A from 110 A at 75 kW Output

There are different mag tubes for a variety of purposes in numerous industries.