Repair Services for AMtek, Ferrite, Thermal Wave, and Machlett

Your trusted industrial microwave technology providers, Machlett.

Repair Services

Machlett is the source for everything your company requires to keep your equipment running at peak performance. We service and supply parts for the most popular microwave food processing be it Amana, Raytheon, AMTek, Ferrite and of course, the Machlett brand.

Our engineering department have developed and implemented new designs and innovations that will increase your throughput rate by 25% with more uniformity and quality control. No matter what brand of equipment you use, Machlett has the solution for greater productivity and a better bottom line.


Immediate shipping of replacement parts placed by 8 PM EST and 48-hour turn-around for repair services. In many cases we will promptly ship from finished stock upon evaluation of a good repairable core. Machlett offers both direct replacement parts or upgraded components for Amana, Raytheon, AMTek or Ferrite tempering or cooking systems. Many of the older designs are upgraded to new PC boards for improved reliability. We offer a direct replacement for Spellman filament controllers used in Amana and Ferrite transmitters, as well as offering a flat-fee repair of Spellman power supplies, R/L and U/C boards that is relative to the quantity

“Ballpark” Prices

The cost for repairs typically ranges from $150 to a maximum of $500 for any electrical item received. In many cases the repair costs for R/L and U/C boards is $150. The cost to rebuild most electronic Spellman controllers is $400 and Ferrite filament and solenoid controllers average $175.

Controller Rebuilding Our Specialty

A good example of Machlett upgrades can be found in this comparison of a new Machlett U.C. board (right) and an old U/C board (left). Note the Machlett U/C relay.

We work on: