Tempering System
Microwave Tempering and Pulse Thawing Systems for beef, poultry, fruit, bacon bellies, pork bellies and chicken breast and bone-in products.
Features and Benefits:

We offer the latest in PLC technology

We offer the latest in PLC technology with pulse control for thawing. Machlett products also offer the latest in polarized and rotary feed technology, Machlett systems are sanitary and provide optimized microwave delivery for a range of applications. Similar Systems with our transmitters are also used for Dewatering, Drying, Spice Drying, Plasma development, Pasteurization, along with Crackers and snack food processing. Tempering chocolate and frozen block product including butter are quickly becoming alternatives for microwave heating. Our systems process at 915 MHz with designs for 896 MHz and 922 MHz available. Large hamburger patty and chicken tender suppliers use the microwave tunnels to thaw or tempering their products to 26 degrees Fahrenheit or -2 degrees Celsius before grinding, blending or further processing. Meat grinding and patty forming operations all use industrial microwave systems to provide the best results. Frozen blocks from the freezer to processing in less than 2 minutes.
Other Systems Available

Bacon Systems

Precooking bacon in a microwave system is the most efficient and cost effective means of selling it by the slice. Machlett can configure a system to your needs.

Other Industries