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What goes into the perfect transmitter used for food processing, plant material drying, diamond manufacturing, curing or other applications? Key quality components, skilled craftsmanship, improved designs, and a passion for excellence. Machlett Transmitter Construction uses 304 stainless steel with a high polish and sanitary design criteria. Our transmitters are fully contained with the left side of the transmitter enclosing the power components and the right side containing the serviceable side. We place the side access panel to make is easy to service. Allen Bradley Color Touch Screen Control. We use a USA manufactured Allen Bradley control system with International Symbolization instead of text to provide greater ease of use with no need to interpret controls.
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Our Machlett PLC to PLC communication from the control box to the transmitters and the Machlett Power Monitor System provide system control and protection which eliminates the block and remote I/O communication faults The Machlett Prewired connecting cables saves our customers money by eliminating the need for a local electrician to run the interconnecting wire. We use all welded stainless conduit and high-end wash-down connectors Machlett uses a 12-pulse power supply with over 10 ohms of input impedance which has up to 10% lower ripple and more efficient magnetron efficiency due to the lower ripple signals on the magnetron. Machlett Microwave offers rebuilt or brand-new transmitters, custom designed to fit your needs. Let us help you with a Free Consultation. Contact us today for yours!