Repair, Maintenance and Upgrades for All Brands of equipment​

Repairs and Maintenance for AMTek, Ferrite, Thermal Wave, and Machlett

Machlett Microwave Provides Everything You Need

Machlett is the source for everything your company requires to keep your equipment running at peak performance. We service and supply parts for the most popular microwave food processing be it Amana, Raytheon, AMTek, Ferrite and of course, the Machlett brand.

Our engineering department have developed and implemented new designs and innovations that will increase your throughput rate by 25% with more uniformity and quality control. No matter what brand of equipment you use, Machlett has the solution for greater productivity and a better bottom line.

Machlett Microwave is the only company to service the Food Processing Industry that manufacturers their own magnetron tubes, diodes, transformers, circulators, and polarized feeds. Machlett Microwave parts are designed and built for peak performance and long life. Additionally, we repair microwave doors or can provide new doors to fit your brand of tempering or bacon cooking system.
Let our expertise in microwave technology bring out the best in your system. Machlett offers knowledgeable engineering consultancy and full repair services for your entire system, microwave doors, circulators, magnetron tubes and transformers. We provide both direct replacement parts or upgraded components for Amana, Raytheon, AMTek or Ferrite tempering or cooking systems
Machlett Microwave has built tempering and bacon cooking systems for companies all over the world. We will customer design and build your system to your precise needs and requirements. Machlett offers a wide range of options and innovations that can increase your productivity and raise your bottom line.
”An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. “ The saying is especially true when it comes to making sure your system doesn't go down and stop all production. Monthly or Quarterly maintenance and check up on your equipment is the best policy to prevent major disruptions in your plant. Machlett Microwave has the microwave technology expertise to service any brand of tempering and bacon cooking industrial system. Our engineers will evaluate, recommend, repair, and maintain your equipment for greater efficiency and peak performance.


Machlett personnel know your equipment, be it AMTek, Ferrite, Amana, Raytheon or others, and can keep your microwave systems working at peak efficiency. 24/7 technical support is available to keep you online.

Repair, Maintenance and upgrade services for all brands of Equipment

More than repairs – we don’t just replace parts; we solve problems and upgrade production. Machlett Microwave can repair damaged microwave doors, rebuild magnetron tubes and circulators. Our expert engineers will provide onsite repairs to any tempering or bacon cooking system in addition to offering ways to improve equipment performance and increase through-put rates. The old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure” is true of your equipment as well. It cost more to replace and repair parts and equipment than it does to maintain your system’s optimum performance. Machlett provides year-round Maintenance services that help keep your productions lines operating at peak efficiency and can prevent costly repairs and overhauls.


Did you know that Machlett can increase the throughput rate of your existing tempering or bacon cooking equipment to 25%? Our expertise in microwave technology equates to better redesigns and reconfigurations for any brand of system making it produce more product with greater efficiency and uniformity. We are the only company that makes its own magnetron tubes and other essential parts.


Full service and parts for any brand of tempering and bacon cooking equipment.

Machlett Magnetron Tubes for all microwave technology industries.

Diamond Foundry, OSI, Fresh Mark, RWDC, Hormel Foods, Smithfield, Tyson, Costco, and more.

Yes. It should be understood that in order to rebuild a tube or circulator, we must have a viable core to start. We will test the core you send us and provide a written report analysis on its merits and ability to be used.

Absolutely.  We will diagnose the door damage, provide a written report on the results, and give you a quote for the repairs.  We can also offer new doors if you’d like.

We can fix a number of different parts. Additionally, we can come to your plant location for any tempering and bacon cooking system repairs, part installations and upgrades.
Of course. We offer a free consultation to help you determine the caused of the problem and how to solve it.


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